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    After much thought, investigation & research, I have re-discovered Wikipedia in a different light. For those of us that are interested in building repositories for local Worcester information, why would be build something from scratch when something like the Worcester. MA entry for Wikipedia already exists?

    If you are trying to read into the new frameworks and determine how you are going to use them, let this be an example and place to start. After creating an ID and beginning to make edits, I feel like I am finally practicing what I preach. I keep wondering if other librarians are feeling the same way I am.

    The page alone could use a lot of work. I keep running into dead links and entries that could use a citation. The demographic section is sparse, government could use a section on Plan E government alone, and I know there must be more to say about the local economy.

    Also, I just discovered, through a listserv, that the Wikipedia Education Program has this Campus Ambassador program. Read the first paragraph of the description and tell me if that does not sound like a librarian?

    Love to hear what you all think.

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