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ARC Goals Draft - February 2016

ARC Goals 2016                 Draft #2                                Feb. 2016                            


Goal One:  Review usage of ARC website.    Action:  get data usage of site from Communications Committee (Libby or other representative) Look at numbers joined in particular.


Goal Two:  Demonstrate ARC’s impact on member libraries and their users

Action:  New survey of membership                       Irena Bond and Communications Committee

Action:  Contact Lyrasis to arrange customized professional development. Chair/Vice-chair


Goal Three:  Increase Director and member libraries’ staff in ARC (Including non-Academic libraries)

Action:  ARC chair or Vice-chair visit libraries with an emphasis on outreach                          ongoing

Action: Review ARC directors list on new website and contact directors who have not yet joined (past chair, current chair, vice-chair)

Encourage directors to have staff attend ARC events

Action: continue support of SIGs.  Continue to invite SIG chairs to final spring meeting each year.


Goal Four:  Explore potential for ARC collaboration with other local, state and regional efforts

2015 example was working alongside other organizations (MCCLPHEI, ACRL-New England, Boston Library Consortium) to provide suggestions to NEASC on the new draft standards to strengthen the role of the library and librarians.

Action:  Invite representatives from State-wide Ebook and Commonwealth Catalog initiatives to March 2016 directors meeting.

Action:  Invite  MLS Academic representative (Kelly Jo Woodside) to present at at  least one ARC meeting per year.  Spring 2016 meeting.



Other possible items to add to/or include in goals.   These were discussed at the December 2015 ARC directors and other 2015 meetings.


Seek to find common areas in collections, possible last copy arrangements and continue conversation through the Collection Development SIG and ARC Directors meetings.

Continue to explore e-access on a consortium basis.  Action:  put on agenda for an upcoming ARC meeting.

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