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ARC Directors' Minutes - June 1, 2016

ARC Minutes from June 1, 2016 Meeting held at Worcester State


In attendance: Myrna Bernard (AUC), Doris Ann Sweet (Assumption), Gwen Arthur (Clark), Andrea MacRitchie (QCC), Karen Reilly (Holy Cross), Janie Wilbur (Anna Maria), Matt Bejune (WSU), Vivian Okyere (UMass Med), and Don Richardson (WPI).

Minute Taker: Matt Bejune

Convener: Doris Ann Sweet, Interim ARC Chair

  1. Introduction and “Stuff of Note”
    1. Myrna – Summer is here!
    2. Doris Ann – New academic building across from library will open in F17. It will feature classrooms, faculty offices, event space, and potentially a café. They are in the process of integrating reference books into the general circulating collection. Only high-use reference books will remain in Reference. They will add six study rooms.
    3. Gwen – Clark investigated Summon and Ebsco Discovery Service. They will get EDS. They have two vacant positions: ft evening/weekend access services position, and PT reference librarian position including social media services (primarily day hours). There is a new building on campus—the Alumni and Student Engagement Center—that includes many student services. New ILL Librarian just started.
    4. Andrea – The new STEM building was completed in January. Over the summer, parking lot will become a solar farm. Their enrollment is down, a trend that follows the decline of traditionally aged Mass. high school graduates, and an upswing in the economy. The library is bracing for budget cuts.
    5. Karen – The new director will be here on July 1st. The new Retreat Center in W. Boylston (chapel and 60 or so beds) will open in the fall. They are adding on to the athletic center. They hope to break ground soon on a performing arts center soon. With the new director, they’re hoping for additional funding for the library (collections, group study, etc.)
    6. Janice – They are going into two years with their new President. She’s done wonderful things for campus-including half-day Fridays! Budget has been steady.
    7. Matt – Three new librarians will be hired over the summer: Electronic Resources, Access Services, and Archives and Liaison. The search pools were very good with many out-of-state applicants. A new Wellness center is being built and is scheduled to open in the fall.
    8. Vivian – There have been lots of resignations and retirements. They hired two new fellows and they are recruiting a third one. All three are from out-of-state. Budget cuts are anticipated. Also hiring freeze. Planning for a busy summer.
    9. Don – WPI is in the midst of a building renovation (HVAC replacement and upgrade), a $7 million project going into its fifth month, and scheduled to be completed in mid-August. As a result of the renovation, they must improve fire suppression systems and restrooms to meet building codes. The library is open 8-6 Monday through Friday during the renovation. Some areas are not open and/or inaccessible. Project has been noisy, dusty, and disruptive. They have had three recent vacancies. They have filled two and are interviewing for the third. Two staff were recently promoted (Debbie Bockus: Associate Director for Public Services, and Laura Robinson: Lead Instruction Librarian). They will be looking for a Collections and Assessment Librarian possibly in mid-June. Don announced he will retire in December after 40 years at WPI.
  2. Don motioned to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Andrea seconded. The minutes were approved.
  3. OCLC Stuff – Doris Ann: I think our bill is squared away except for Becker.
    Action Item: Doris Ann will reach out to Donna Sibley at Becker.
  4. Goals – At last meeting, we tabled our discussion of the group’s goals for June. We again tabled the discussion for the next meeting. Someone thought our goals were posted under the Director portion of the ARC Portal. Following the meeting, Matt checked and did not find them there.

    Someone mentioned that in previous years we invited SIG chairs to June Directors’ meeting. Action Item: Consider inviting them to the Directors’ meeting next year, or perhaps in the fall.
  5. Old Business
    1. Lyrasis credits? There continue to be unused course credits.
      Action Item: Doris Ann will talk with Irena, as Head of the Continuing Education Committee, to see about next steps.
    2. New ARC Chair: Irena is currently Vice Chair and Andrea doesn’t think that she wants to continue on as Chair. We might need to elect both a new Chair and Vice Chair next fall.
      Action Item: Doris Ann will contact Irena.
  6. New Business
    1. There was no new business. The group adjourned and went to the Annual ARC Social in the WSU Library Café. A good time was had by all. (Minute taker embellishment. J)

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