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ARC Directors’s Docs ARC Director's Miinutes - March 9, 2016

ARC Directors Meeting, March 9, 2016 10:00am

Anna Maria College Library, Zecco Theater (Helfenbind)


In attendance: Matt Bejune, Worcester State Univ. (minute taker); Geoff Dickinson, Worcester Public Library; Andrew Haggarty, Anna Maria; Andrea MacRitchie, Qunsigamond CC.; Jess Mynes, Mount Wachusett CC; Karen Reilly, Holy Cross; Don Richardson, WPI; Janice Wilbur, Anna Maria; and our guest Steve Spohn, MLS


  1. Introductions & Updates: We introduced ourselves. Garrett Eastman recently left Becker College to become the new Director of the Library at Curry College. With Garrett’s departure, the ARC Directors Chair position is vacant. Andrea made a motion to appoint Doris Ann Sweet, Assumption College, which was seconded by Matt. The motion was passed.


  1. Guest: Steve Spohn, Massachusetts Library Systems – Commonwealth e-Book Collections

    The Commonwealth eBook Collections ( are comprised of titles from three vendors: Axis360, Biblioboard, and ProQuest EBL.

    Axis360 is like Overdrive. Overdrive didn’t bid. Axis360 is ADA compliant. They are adding the Perkins School

    Biblioboard is available via geolocation! They support unlimited simultaneous use too! The collection is eclectic. Great platform, but without a lot of content. QCC was on the pilot for the project. Biblioboard has a start-up feel to them. Steve: that’s because they are a start-up. Steve: they’re their investment in our future.

    ProQuest EBL: Not for wide distribution: MLS is currently evaluating two-ish proposals. The short-term loan model is not working out. “it’s more than we can chew” The pricing is pay as you go depending on how many times the title is used. As a result, they have no idea how much it will cost each month. MLS is looking for collections that will support the first two years of college, that are affordable with simultaneous user access. EBSCO sent in an early proposal with pricing that was very good. Steve seemed to think that EBSCO’s pricing was low so that the academics would buy in and then select other add-on collections.

    Steve sees the steering committee as his “boss.” They are looking for wider engagement with academics. It sounds like the new vendor collections will be available on July 1. He hopes that they would get libraries to sign up ahead of time, rather than just “flipping the switch on July 1st.”

    Steve said that MLS doesn’t make the purchase decisions, but rather they rely on their library members via the selection committees.

    How do we get involved? They will have enrollment periods. Go to the MLS site and look for the Enrollment tab. They will open an enrollment window for a month. Probably will subvert it.

    He anticipates that there will be content changes in July. MLS’s ebook pricing model is skewed. Academics are not paying enough. The new pricing model will go up for academics, but Steve expects it to be cheaper than what academics currently pay subscribing to ebook collections as individual subscribers. Currently there are 31 academic libraries in the program plus 2 or 3 other libraries in consideration. There will be representation from academic libraries on the steering committee. He will be recruiting additional members. Currently: Emmanuel College, MaryAnn Niles from Middlesex CC, and one yet to be filled. The CWMARS members include: Dan Paquette and Bernadette Rivard, Bellingham.

    Look for MLS LibGuides about eBooks stuff soon.


  1. Approval of minutes of Dec. 4, 2015: Karen made the motion and Don seconded. We approved the minutes.


  1. ARC Goals for 2016 – Review & Discussion: Tabled this discussion for June. Action Item: Review and be prepared to share feedback.


  1. ARC Social – usually in June – need a site and a planning group: Kathy Bell at Tower Hill offered to host in June 2017. Matt volunteered Worcester State to host. Janice Wilbur volunteered to help plan as needed.


  1. Special Interest Group activities: The SIGS are coming out of winter hiatus. Janice reported that Access Services met at Clark yesterday. Each library reported their access rules. They’ll make a document to share out. Cataloging and Metadata group met yesterday at Holy Cross. Alicia Hansen took on the Research Instruction Group. The Weeding group had a lot of interest, but unclear if anything moved forward.


  1. OCLC WorldCat group pricing
    There will be a spring renewal in either April or May. Action Item: Andrea will reach out to OCLC for the renewal.
  2. Lyrasis class use report
    We still have a big credit. Garrett was going to reach out to them for custom classes. We still have “a lot” of money left. Action Item: Doris Ann will reach out to Lyrasis for more information?


  1. Old Business


  1. NEASC followup: Better wording is now in the revised NEASC. There will be an event on April 4th at Holy Cross about accreditation. Will include Laura Saunders from Simmons. She will also be at the annual MCCLPHEI meeting in June.


  1. New Business

    Join the Director’s list because Doris Anne will not use individual emails.

    Holy Cross pays the hosting fee for Blue Host for the new ARC website.

    Commonwealth eBooks discussion (cont.): WPI and QCC were involved in the very first year. They had trouble with authentication in the first year or so. WPI didn’t feel there was enough academic content. Dropped out after first year. Jackie Mushinski was on the planning group for another year after they stopped. She created the patents exhibit on BiblioBoard. WPI is examining “purchase it, you own it model with no DRM.” Springer has been good for this. WPI has five of their collections. If faculty member picks one of those books, they can use it for textbook.

    Wachuseett: EBL content is best, but the one-day loan doesn’t work. Multiple users would be more useful. Other content has been hit or miss. Scattershot.

    QCC: Librarians like biblioboard for “very specialized things.” Continued past the pilot. Axis360 they don’t need especially if they already have Overdrive.

    Anna Maria: Janice said their community doesn’t use the ebooks so much. Those that do, mostly use Overdrive.

    WPL: Geoff said they have tremendous use of Overdrive. The other products are not getting pushed so much. Public Services department likes bright and shiny stuff.

    Holy Cross liked the EBL platform better than EBSCO. They did find that EBSCO was cheaper.

    WPI: Library HVAC systems are being replaced right now. Parts of building are temporarily inaccessible. Six month project. Should end by mid-August. So far, so good. Haven’t gotten many complaints. Will turn off the air-handling system during the summer! Will limit access to the building in May. As a result of the construction they’ve shifted about 3,000 books. They will also improve restrooms for ADA compliance. They will have a much larger foot print taking up additional shelf space and student space. Will have three vacancies soon: Tressa left for MLS. Lynn Riley retired last week. Jackie Mushinski leaving next week. Posting a Temp Position for an Acquisitions Associate.

    WSU: Matt told the group that hiring of the three new librarians is going well.

    Holy Cross: hired Mark Shelton, Assessment Librarian at Harvard

    WPL: They are not fully staffed. Geoff talked about the library’s master plan including a new door to the Worcester Common.

    Anna Maria: Janice said they recently finished an inventory. It was fun. Why the heck is that on the shelf? Lost their book budget last year. Got it back this year. Now a “Supplies budget” She wants to move it around. Do any of you have any ideas for how to do this? The college’s new president recognized that the information commons is library space. It’s open. They want to put dividers partitions to create quiet spaces.

    QCC: 20% budget cut last year. It’s either the new normal, or it might get worse moving forward. Enrollment is still going down. Below 5,000 FTE

    MWCC: They have a “lot of spinning plates.” The construction project is finishing up. Admissions and Advising going back to their respective areas. Completing a massive weeding and inventory project. Removed one of the ranges for more student space. Nancy Bouchet, Tech Services is retiring. President of the college is retiring.

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